Castle of Miranda do Douro
Location 41.496517 | -6.275223
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The Miranda do Douro Castle was built in a second phase of Tras-os-Montes settlement, occurred in the reign of King Dinis, who in 1286 sent to build a castle in the village ends, which was associated with an urban fence designed to protect the population.

Due to natural changes in the following centuries, a violent explosion joined in 1762, which disfigured key parts of Gothic work. Apparently, the castle had a rectangular shape and its walls linked "the formidable main tower, located in one of the angles, to three other lower towers also in angular position."

This description typically announces a Gothic fortress, with doors and angles actively defended by high towers, which allowed the vertical shot. From the second half of the XVI century fortress experimented several changes, which aimed to convert it into a modern square and adapted to war artillery.

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